The Process

So you’ve decided that you want me to coach you, or you’re undecided. That’s fine, then you need to know what is expected of you, what you get. Here is a breakdown of the process:

  1. Firstly, you book in for a FREE 30 minute introduction call. This is for us to get acquainted and find out what it is that you want from the coaching.
  2. You decide to go ahead and book a 12, 18, 36, 48 or 52 week term.
  3. Each term will include:
    1. Weekly one hour catch-up calls to go through what you’ve done in the week, submit your homework (yes you get homework), and decide what to do for the coming week. Or, if you’re in the area, we can meet up and discuss things face-to-face.
    2. Unlimited contact via SMS, Skype, Facebook.
    3. Office hours phone calls (0800hrs to 2000hrs) as needed if you hit a stumbling block.
    4. Monthly report on progress made. What we succeeded in getting done, and what we need to work a bit more on to achieve.

And that’s it. Its a clear and simple process, that requires dedication and accountability by you to get the most out of the process. This is based on a standard coaching package. I do of course design coaching programmes around you to maximise the impact.

At times it won’t be easy. There will be occasions when you feel like throwing in the towel, that’s when you call me and we talk through the issue to get you back on track.

Lets face it, the reason you’re here now is because there is something that is not a good as it could be in your life, so lets put the past behind us and as the title of this site says, let me be your Partner To Success. I don’t work for you, I work with you to achieve your goals and ambitions.

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