A familiar, secure and scalable network drive in the cloud for anywhere access

Hosted in Azure, Cloud Network Drive is ideal for small to medium businesses adopting a cloud-first approach, those thinking about moving from an end of life on-premises server, or for companies that want to work with both public and private clouds. Just like an on-premises drive, it sits on your PC or laptop as a desktop application and is easy to access through File Explorer in Windows or Finder on a Mac.

With its easy usability, you can quickly locate files you need without losing productivity and enhance collaboration by emailing colleagues hyperlinks to documents on the server, rather than attaching them. Cloud Network Drive helps you achieve a faster, smarter and modern workplace.

Security in the public cloud

“Through 2020, public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) workloads will suffer at least 60% fewer security incidents than those in traditional datacentres.”

- Gartner, Is the Cloud Secure?, 2018

With Cloud Network Drive, your data remains your own. Essentially, you’re renting storage space within an Azure datacentre each month on a multi-tenant environment. None of your data mixes with other companies, while Microsoft are stringent in their approach to security and compliance, ensuring data remains safe. Any data stored within the network drive is replicated three times locally within the same datacentre, too.

The benefits of using Cloud Network Drive

Flexibility and Scalability

If your business is growing at a rapid rate, using Cloud Network Drive is a great way to save on costs. The cloud provides you with the flexibility and scalability to add, remove and modify users at speed, without compromising on productivity or security.